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Financial Management Institute of Canada -  PSMW 2016 St. John’s

CONFERENCE TOURS -Available Pre and Post and During Conference



Option #1 - The Far East of the Western World (930-1230 or 1400-1700)

 Signal Hill TattooToday we will visit the National Park at Cape Spear, the most easterly point of land in North America. Here the lighthouse has been restored to circa 1836. Explore the bunkers built by Canadian soldiers in the side of the cliffs here during the Second World War. Now you can say you have been to the other "Far East"" where you can stand with your back to the Atlantic and face every other being in North America - or turn your back on them. The choice is yours. From Cape Spear we tour old St. John's with plenty of time to see such National historic sights as Cabot Tower and Signal Hill. Hear the legends of Dead Man's Pond, and Government House and the history surrounding the Colonial Building. This tour will orient you and give you a feel for the history, legend and lore of St. John's, the oldest community in North America.

PRICE PER PERSON: $50.00 including transportation, local McCarthy's Party guide and all taxes.
Minimum 5 persons/Maximum 500 persons
Kids rates Available


Option #2 - Marine Drive (930-1230 or 1400-1700)

Marine DriveToday we take a leisurely drive along the Atlantic coast stopping to visit such highlights as the seals in Logy Bay, the beach in Middle Cove where you can put your feet in the Atlantic or look for "lucky rocks" to take home for paperweights or for a satiny smooth souvenir, the lookout at Flatrock where the rocks slope so smoothly into the sea that they make a natural slipway. Bring your camera and plenty of film.

PRICE PER PERSON: $55.00 including transportation, local McCarthy's Party guide and all taxes.
Minimum 5 persons/Maximum 100 persons
Kids rates Available


Option #3 - Bird Island Tour (1030-1430 or 1300-1700)

Bird Island TourToday begins with a drive down the Southern Shore to the historic Irish outport, Bay Bulls. Here we take a boat ride out to the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve Bird Islands, home to thousands of Atlantic Puffins, Murres and Kittiwakes in the spring and summer. In the summer months whales frequent this area is search of capelin, so we will keep our eyes open in search of these large majestic creatures.

PRICE PER PERSON: $88.00 includes transportation to and from Bay Bulls and all taxes.
Kids rates Available



Option #1 - Lighthouse Picnic at the Colony of Avalon (0930 - 1630)

Colony of AvalonToday we head south of St. John's on the Irish Loop. This driving route takes us along the southern shore through communities settled by Irish immigrants in the mid 18th century.

Our destination today is the town of Ferryland. George Calvert, later Lord Baltimore, founded the colony in 1621. Most people have no idea that permanent European settlement in North America dates so far back, and that Newfoundland played such an important role. The Ferryland settlement was "forgotten", and its remains lay undisturbed for centuries. The site is now being excavated.

Constructed of stone, the buildings have left substantial remains. Archaeologists have uncovered over a million artifacts to date - gold rings, Portuguese ceramics and other unusual objects - as well as a smithy, a stone-walled well, a sea-flushed privy and the "prettie street" described in very early accounts.

We will tour the interpretation centre and the Colony of Avalon site. After touring the site the group will take the leisurely 35-minute walk to the Ferryland Lighthouse. Along the way we pass some of the remains of Lord Baltimore's Colony, Goose Island, Isle aux Bois and in a single glance the sights of the Torhamvan shipwreck.

As one of the oldest communities in North America we are retracing the steps people have walked for hundreds of years, scanning the sea for warships and privateers. The vista for us is far more peaceful and overlooks a quiet harbour, the Ferryland Museum and the Holy Trinity Church.

At the lighthouse we will set the group up on blankets on the hillsides overlooking the ocean and serve them individual gourmet picnic lunches. This location has been featured by MacLean's magazine, Canada AM, and En Route magazine. After lunch we have the opportunity to take a tour of the lighthouse before we head back to Ferryland for our trip back to St. John's.

PRICE PER PERSON: $130.00 includes transportation, local McCarthy's Party guide, all entrance fees, lunch and all taxes.
Minimum 5 persons
Kids Rates Available



Option #2 - Outports, Lucky Rocks, and John Guy's Colony (0930 - 1630)

OutportsToday we will go "around the Bay" along the picturesque coastline of Conception Bay, the home of pirates of centuries ago. We will stop in Holyrood to search for 'Lucky Rocks' on the beach. We also stop for picture taking as we make our way to Brigus, one of the historic sailing ports of Conception Bay and home of the late, famous Captain Bob Bartlett who took Perry to the North Pole.

Here we have the opportunity to visit Hawthorne Cottage and take 'The Walk' around the community. Lunch today is in Cupids, one of the oldest settled communities in Newfoundland. This area celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2010 of John Guy establishing a colony in this area for the Merchant Ventures' in Bristol England.

After lunch we would take a walk through the museum in Cupids and visit the archaeology site where the old colony is being rediscovered. Our guide will regale you with the history, culture, and language of the Newfoundland people.

PRICE PER PERSON: $130.00 includes transportation, local McCarthy's Party guide, all entrance fees, lunch and all taxes.
Minimum 5 persons
Kids rates Available


Option #3 - Sea Kayaking (830-1430)

Sea KayakingTake a peaceful trip through the world famous wildlife sanctuaries in a sea kayak. A well trained guide will give you an orientation while on shore showing you basic paddle strokes and safety procedures of your top-quality, stable, two-person kayak before you even leave the beach. You will get to explore shorelines and hidden coves accessible only by sea kayak. You will enjoy unforgettable backdrops provided by the caves, arches, waterfalls, and cliffs.

PRICE PER PERSON: $225.00 includes transportation, lunch and sea kayaking lesson and experience, (2 hours on the water paddling and then a ride back to shore in a speed boat.) lunch, and all taxes.
Minimum 6 persons
Kids rates Available


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